Ball Copra / Dry Ball Coconut

Ball Copra/Dry Ball Coconut

Anjaneri has strong hold on Ball Copra procurement from Trading partners, direct from Farmers .Farmers dry the mature coconuts for months during which process the water in the nut gets dried naturally, lending unique sweet taste to copra. The dried nut is de-husked and de-shelled to obtain copra, which is ball shape. Hence, it is called ball copra.

Ball Copra is usually a perfect, well-dried whole of the coconut kernel and is used in various food preparations, for religious rituals as well as a tasty nut. The copra besides being eaten raw as such or mixed with other dry fruits is used in the preparation of sweets and as a garnish in many dishes

Many studies have proven that: the amount of coconut oil in copra meat can increase good HDL cholesterol and reduce bad LDL cholesterol in the body, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.Coconut Ball copra may help in Digestive system, stabilize blood glucose, increase immunity, good for brain function and may help to prevent diabetes 


Details of Copra   :




5 to 7%


Ball Copra


Up to 6 months





Unit of Measure

Per Ton/Bag/Carton Boxes



More than 15 cm


More Than 16 cm


More than 8 cm

Packing Details and Delivery details

Coconut Count per Kg

7 to 8 Nuts

                                           Carton Box packing        

Carton Box Weight

15 kg

Count of Nuts per Carton Box

115 to 120 nuts


Carton box with Plastic cover

Minimum Order Quantity:

520 Boxes / 8 MT /20 Ft HC Container

                                                    Bag packing

PP or Gunny bag

50 kg


P.P or Gunny Bag with plastic cover

Minimum Order Quantity:

200 bags / 10 MT /20 Ft HC Container


Delivery Time:

Shipment release from source within 5 to 10 Days from Date of order confirmation /Purchase Order

Shipment Details:

HC Container

Number of boxes

Net Weight

20 Ft


Up to 8 MT

40 Ft


Up to 17 MT

HC Container

Number of Bags

Net Weight

20 Ft


Up to 10 MT

40 Ft


Up to 21.5 MT

Payment Terms:

Advance Payment / Irrevocable L/C (With prime bank)

TT – 50% Advance and 50% against scanned copy of shipment documents / Irrevocable L/C (With prime bank)

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